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We do make monthly backups for all our servers.

We can restore your web, email and database content from those per your request. However, this is NOT a procedure you should rely on to keep copies of your content safe; we recommend you make your own backups. Our backups are made every month on a random day, and only the newest backups are kept. We make no guarantees about our monthly backups, and we do require a $15 fee to restore the Mathews IT Services backups. If you can provide your own backup file, then the fee is $0 (free).

To request a restoration of your content from a backup file, simply fill out this form. When you get to the instructions, please clearly indicate what content you want restored and what you do not want restored.

You are responsible for your backups and web content.

For backups that we do provide, our backups are provided as a courtesy and we do not guarantee our backups. It is recommended that you make your own backups as extra protection.

Large Backups

Note: You may only create backups via cPanel of 4 GB or less. If your backup is larger than 4 GB or over 100,000 inodes, you must contact Mathews IT Services support for help to bypass the limit. Please note that we are unable to manually create full backups of accounts that are larger than 10 GB. Other limitations may also apply. Shared accounts are limited to one (1) cPanel backup stored on the account. Please see sections 2, 5, 7b, and 7c of our Terms of Service for additional information.

Size (up to)Allowed to be saved on the server?Automatic backups will be made?Manual backups can be made?
4 GB Space Yes Yes Yes
Yes, by us or you
10 GB Space Yes Yes Yes
Yes, by us
20 GB Space Yes Yes No
50 GB Space Yes No No
100,000 inodes Yes Yes Yes
Yes, by us or you
250,000 inodes Yes No Yes
Yes, by us
300,000 inodes No No No

The sizes in the table above are “up to” that size. For example, where it says 4 GB Space, it means 4 GB or smaller. And where it says 10 GB Space, it means smaller than 10 GB, and larger than the previous size, which in this case is 4 GB.

What if my account was suspended?

If your account is suspended less than 1 week before we run backups, your account will still be backed up!

If you are suspended for more than a week when we run backups, your old backup will be erased and you will not be included in the new backups. Thus, we will have NO backups for your account. So, it is very important that you maintain your own backups.

How do I restore my own backup?

A partial backup (home directory backup) can be restored in cPanel, same place where you made the backup.

A full backup must be restored by the root user for the server. We will restore your full backups for free. Simply fill out this form. When you get to the instructions, please indicate the name of the file and where we can find it.

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